Here & Now, Now & Later

Life is such an amazing gift. So little do we stop and think about the small precious moments in our lives. We often think of the glory to glory moments but what about the moments in the mean time? We are all so anxious to achieve the next big ticket item in our lives, we strive to be the best, jumping over hurdles and other people to make it to the top. 

There are times in life, when we slow down that we actually get to see the most amazing things happen before our eyes, blossom in a new way, and taken to a deeper level.

I am quiet guilty of running through life and missing those small moments as I’m anticipating the next big moment. I to, run and run, but forget to look where I am going. I to, want to achieve the next big thing in my life, and run the rat race to make something out of myself before the end is near. 

However, that is not the way that I ‘want’ to live life. That is how we are cultured to live life as Americans. Sometimes it just as fun as others think it should be. However, it is rewarding when facing opposition and coming out on top. There is power in endurance, strength in the quietness, and life everlasting (in the Lord).

See we all have a purpose for life. We were created for a divine reason. We were given passion to fuel our dreams, along with desires to keep us motivated. We should be running the race at a pace that we will be able to sustain. We should be striving to make a difference, leave a legacy, and become the people we were called to be. We shall rise, how of the ashes we have come – a beautiful people we are, to continue strong in the pursuit of changing the world.

What difference will you make today?

How will you influence those around you?

Will you fight for the cause, or chase after your own cause?

Will you make it to the end??

Steven Ortman, Jr.



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