Ambitious – Word for the Year 2017

Many years in the past, I sat down like many of you and thoughtfully crafted new goals for the upcoming year. However, the last 3 years, I have failed to write down my goal. I believe that there is power in declaring your goals, writing them down, sharing for accountability. Even though I strongly believe this, I have failed to do what I believe is right in my own mind. However, this year, I am going to get back on track and add new disciplines in my life. Reach for the stars and strive to be ambitious in all that I do!

Even though I failed to write my goals, I did not fail to write my word for the year. 2016 word was BOLD, 2017s word is AMBITIOUS!

I would like to reflect all the times in my mind that I was BOLD in 2016!

  • Began a new path in my nursing career – working in the operating room.
  • Took on a part time job to make ends meet in Hospice care after failing at going back to Papa Johns as a delivery driver.
  • Boldly worked 65-75 hours a week for 3 months to provide for my family.
  • Applied for the neuro coordinator position in the OR.
  • Applied for the charge ortho/spine position in the OR.
  • Put myself out there more as a photographer; to everyone to generate business.
  • Began trail running every weekend; with group of friends at Turkey Mountain.
  • Went mountain biking for the first time at Turkey Mountain.
  • Ran first trail race Labor Day weekend.
  • Applied to for Altra running ambassador program.
  • Began working out 4 days a week with Kris Gethin Hardcore transformation.
  • Lead the Host Team at with passion, love, and excitement.
  • Applied to graduate school at OU-Tulsa for Family Nurse Practitioner.

Those are a few examples in which I was bold. This year, I have hopes to be more ambitious in all that I do, to produce, to overcome challenges, and become BETTER each and everyday! I don’t want be lazy, I want to work hard to be fruitful. I under we only step out in faith, hoping, believing that God will bring the desires of our hearts to come to pass.

  • Psalms 104:14 (ESV)

    You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth

We have much to look forward to in this upcoming year of 2017. We are believing this year will be life changing, fruitful, and filled with joy. We stand expecting God to move mountains.

Steven Ortman – Ortman Photography

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